Be ALL In or Get ALL Out There is No Half Way 

You have a great deal of unused capability which you have not turned to your advantage, but you seem to be growing in self-understanding and are better prepared than ever for a great opportunity. 

We have to remember that short term gain is long term pain usually. Emotions are the language of greatness and mediocrity, how you feel about a situation has a lot to do with the results that you experience. E-motion is just energy in motion and you have to start proclaiming with as much energy and emotion that you can muster ( Kinda like Jerry Maguire screamed “SHOW ME THE MONEY”). Emotions are not bad or good as long as you are using them to get where you need to go. 

Some of the main reasons that we get stuck in life: 

We lack the courage to make the decision we need to make 

We are afraid to outgrow our peers 

The dream of abundance in any area of your life is alive and well and whatever that means to you… you can have it If you are willing to learn and apply what you’ve learned to get it. Inspiration will move you in the short term but desperation will move you in the long run. You find something that is painful enough for you to make the changes you need to make. If you argue for your limitations then sure enough they will be yours. The most expensive thing you will ever own is a closed mind! It will cost you a fortune your commitment to ideas that don’t work is a closed mind. And you know what a closed mind is, it is FEAR. 

Trying is lying and the only investment that will pay off forever is an investment in yourself! be ALL in or get ALL out there is no half way. To get more you must give more, to have more you must become more, to improve yourself you must invest more time with the best.

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